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Should I Use Split Rail Fence for my Dogs?

Split rail fence with welded wire is an ideal option for keeping your furry family member enclosed. The addition of a welded wire will not affect the appearance of your fence. Your fence will retain its beauty while ensuring that your dog won’t be able to get away.

If you prefer a fence that gives you a full view of your outdoor space, a split rail fence will do just that. You’ll also see your pets easily even when you’re outside of your property lines. Your pets will love enjoying an unobstructed view of their surroundings.

Unlike an electronic fence, you will not have to worry about the safety of your extended family members. Even during a power outage, your fence will stay upright. And since your fence does not rely on electricity to function, you also get to save on energy costs.


Upgrading Your Existing Split Rail Fence

Modify your existing split rail fence to keep your furry friends secured and protected.

Install a welded wire to minimize spaces or gaps that your pets may use as exit points. The smaller the holes in the wire, the better so even small pets won’t be able to escape.

Apart from adding welded wires, you can also install additional rails on your fence. Again, it depends on the size of your animals which modification will work best to keep them safely enclosed.


Tips When Leaving Your Dogs Outdoors

  • Be sure your dogs have access to food and water. Avoid them from knocking out their water bowls by keeping them in a shallow hole. This will also help keep their water cool.

  • Always check if there’s shade available for your pets to rest under. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can cause heatstroke.

  • Install additional fence or barriers as needed to keep your pets away from toxic chemicals or your plants.

  • If you have doggie doors at home, train your furry friends to make full use of them so they can play outside as they please. However, don’t leave it to them to decide how long they should be outdoors. Let them in when necessary and remember to lock your doggie doors at night.

  • Don’t leave your dogs for a long time without any interaction from you or anyone at home. They may feel tempted to escape due to loneliness.

  • Provide them with toys to keep them busy and active while outdoors. Make time to play with them when you’re at home.

Our Furry Friends and Their Split Rail Fence

We have helped pet owners install split rail fence for their dogs. Here are only some of the lovely dogs we met.

If we’ve also built a fence for your dogs, please feel free to share with us their photos. We’ll post your photo here on our “Doggie Wall of Fame”.

One tip to get a good dog photo: Have your furry friend pose near the fence and focus on taking close up shots. Be sure the fence is visible in the background.

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